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Fitness by Ashley

Fitness by Ashley has trimmed down the way to get fit. 

No crazy crash diets or insane weight-lifting schedules. She keeps it real to create a realistic transformation.

Ashley injects humor into topics that tend to be traditionally dry to make them engaging and approachable.

Personal Training

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Fitness Instructor

New York
Fitness by Ashley Brand Strategy and Design

We were honored when Ashley reached out to us and allowed us to rebrand.

Her ultimate goal was to bring more of her authentic self to the forefront.  

We developed an overall brand aesthetic while merging a retro-inspired palette for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Branding and marketing pieces helped tie it all together for her audience to get a cohesive taste of the brand. 

Branding and Marketing

Brand Identity and Logo Suite
Web Design
Social Media Templates
Print Collateral

Fitness by Ashley - Social Media Templates
Fortissima - Fitness by Ashley Color Palette
Fitness by Ashley Branding
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“Fitness, nutrition and wellness journeys are personal and very vulnerable.

M-C took the time to create a brand with so much personality. My brand is a true reflection of me to be as authentic as possible, just as I ask my clients to be. “

Ashley Rios, Owner of Fitness by Ashley