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To Tame or Get Out of the Way

Your brand hits differently when it has a purpose

Bridging the gap between strategy and design will empower you to step into the next evolution of your brand with confidence and purpose.

If you want your audience to experience how powerful your brand is, you will have to shake things up.

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Your business is ready for the next evolution

We’re partners in this, right? So, let’s be frank – your brand needs a brain.

Through our extensive process to shift into the next evolution, we’ll build a brand with confidence, purpose and client-centric experiences.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity and Design

Website and Digital Design

Creative Art Direction

Interim CMO

Make a Connection

Branding isn’t a hot fling, it’s an intimate relationship. The magic happens when your audience experiences every bit of it.

Make it Consistent

Once we align your business with processes and mindset, it’s showtime to amplify your presence – a confidence that can’t be tamed.

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It always starts with mindset

Brand Strategy

No matter how many times you redesign your brand, it won’t work without a strategy.

At Fortissima, every creative touchpoint is strategized with The DIVA Mindset.

This will redefine, reframe and reimagine your brand strategy, so you can:
• clearly understand your specialty and approach so you can charge more for it, speak on it, create additional offerings, launch new products, and so much more.
• confidently connect with your audience because you can finally articulate what you do and what makes it of value.
• celebrate the excitement of intentional positioning because you’re clear on your vision and messaging when you show up, pitch, get interviewed, or launch.

Our goal isn’t just to hand over a playbook; we’re here to provide you with a triple threat of clarity, intention, and consistency for the next evolution of your business.

Give them a quality taste

Brand Identity and Design

Every element of your creative identity suite is developed with purpose. That purpose is fueled by a solid foundation.

• Logo Suite
• Color Palette and Font Hierarchy
• Visual Styling Direction
• Brand Collateral & Guidelines

Give them a feast for their eyes

Website and Digital Design

A custom approach to all of your digital assets and communications ensures cohesive brand experiences.

• Website Design & Development
• Content Marketing
• Social Media Marketing

Give them something to feel

Creative Art Direction

Personalize the visual experience of your brand by strategizing a curated collection for your audience to interact with.

• Brand Photography and Videography
• Product Launch & Packaging
• Seasonal Campaigns
• Event Design

Give them what they want: consistency

Interim CMO

Each month, our team partners with you as an extension of your team.

Together, we’ll dive into goals, execute effective campaigns, create cohesive designs and marketing, implement actionable plans, and serve your audience by deepening their connection and experience with your brand.

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • 1:1 Creative and Strategic Support

  • Full Team Collaboration
  • Fully Customizable, based on Branding and Marketing needs

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Let’s get to work

Brand Strategy and Design Process

We’ve been refining our process to ensure our time together runs smoothly and is as effective as possible.

Here’s how it works:

Schedule an initial strategy session and let’s talk about your business goals and timeline.

Afterward, we’ll follow up with a custom proposal that includes deliverables, overall investment coast, and detailed service agreement.

Here’s where we get focused and expose your every part of your business.

Together, we’ll give it meaning and meticulously build your brand strategy, design, and direction.

With a mindset to unleash your next evolution, we’re bring it all together by using your brand’s aesthetic as a powerful tool to connect to your audience.

This whole experience is to introduce the world to the 7 senses of your Fortissima brand.

With purposeful strategy and creative, we relish in the moments we’ve been waiting for: Clarity, Connection and Consistency.


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We’ve got answers or reach out ask.

We believe a brand is more than just a logo, it is built on the foundational understanding of your ideal client, position in the market and core values of your brand. Success in your visual identity is found when you have a solid foundation. Therefore we design full brand identities, not ‘logos only’.

Our brand identity and design package include brand strategy, logo design, logo icon marks, brand patterns, icons design, typography hierarchy, color palette, and visual aesthetic representation.

Don’t be shy! Reach out to us and we’ll set up a consultation, where we will chat about your business goals and how we can help you achieve them.

After that if you decide to move forward, we’ll send you a custom proposal to review where it will outline the scope, timeline and investment.

We believe the best design comes from understanding your unique qualities.

Having worked with many different types of businesses over the past 15+ years has also given us vast experience in different niches that help guide us.

Each step of our process starts with mindset and strategy to ensure everything matches your vision.

If you are looking for an order-taker or someone to whip your logo up over the weekend, you won’t find it here.

Fortissima prides itself on providing solution-driven strategies and creative designs that are both effective and impactful.

We’ve dedicated years to self-education in marketing, business and design so we see the whole picture of your brand, not just what it looks like on the outside.

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Let’s get to work

Fortissima brands are disciplined, loud & disruptive when needed, and liberated with conviction.

Multi-Sensory Experiences.
Implementing Passion in the Details.

Accepting Challenges.

Collaborative Partnership.
Frank Conversations, ALWAYS.

You too? Let’s Work.