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We’re crazy passionate, curious and frank in conversation.

We have a very dynamic process of brand research, strategy, and design.

We’re not afraid of the hard path.

We’re driven to expand, grow, and challenge standards, even if that means having difficult conversations.

We’re relentless in partnering with brands who are ready to live loud.

You Ready?

Mary-Catherine Reinert
Founder and Brand Strategist
Mary Wiber
Brand Designer
Meet the Fortissima team

Let’s do this

Confidence is contagious.

But, strategic confidence will deepen the experience with your audience.

Well, hello there

You can finally breathe because you just found the extension you need to make that happen!

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, our team of strategists, creatives, writers, and action-takers is ready to kick things in gear and make some much-needed decisions to unleash your brand, campaign, or next evolution.

Vibe with our DIVA quotes this month


If you didn’t come to party, don’t bother knocking on my door.



There’s no point in saying anything, but the truth.

-Amy Winehouse



One economic recession, a ‘what could I possibly lose’ attitude, and a library card gave birth to Blissful Prints. Old-school door-knocking, handshaking relationships, and ‘how-tos’ built a full-service graphic design business. Custom luxury stationery and wedding invitations quenched the artistic thirst for design.


A growth in positioning, lots of fails/wins, and insane experience & knowledge allowed BP Creative Group’s transition to a full, creative boutique agency. While cranking out logos, creative campaigns, websites, and event design, one thought kept seeping in: “Why does all of this matter?”


Fortissima was launched to double down on bringing life and passion back to businesses by deconstructing old ways, vigorously uncovering gaps, and finding strategies to activate deeper connections with audiences through our signature process, The DIVA Mindset. We now can finally connect the dots of an after-taste.

There are a million brand strategists

Here’s what you’ll appreciate from M-C


I’m not just a brand strategist

My focus is building, launching, and scaling businesses. Strategy is a piece of it, but it’s not the only piece. Years of packaging design, wholesale marketing, product development, event design, fundraising, speaking & thought leadership has provided layers of goodness! I’m at your fingertips and an open book, so ask me anything.


We keep it *real* small

You have access to someone on our team within minutes. Providing 1:1 support allows us to alleviate the amount of stress and time it would take to jump through hoops and find the right person working on your brand. Our roster is reserved for brands who want an intentional strategist and designer.


Boundaries are in place for a reason

Creating a business has allowed me to balance life as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, designer, strategist, and team member. With all that said, you want me at my best! If I expect the same from you, it’s important to prioritize boundaries and conflicts right from the start.

Our Signature Style

Fortissima is built on The DIVA Mindset.

The DIVA Mindset

A highly intensive, strategic brand positioning approach to amplify and intensify the senses of your brand.

Our team believes that in your next evolution, strategy takes the front seat. It’s not a suggestion; it’s the holy grail for your brand’s survival and success.

We’re not here to play around

Committed to

Deliver beyond expectations

Bring brands to life

Uncomplicate the complicated

Listen with intent

Create clear, strategic solutions

Give straight-forward feedback

Ready to align your purpose with passion and build a business that leads to more sustainable, longterm growth? Read M-C thoughts!

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