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Summit Future Foundation

Summit Future Foundation is a mission-centric organization with the belief that all persons, regardless of their ability, have the right to lead a meaningful and inclusive life.

Their mission, vision, and core values guide their organization with continual efforts to support every individual and their family while ensuring inclusivity throughout the community.

Programming for Individuals with Disabilities

Mentoring for Families & Caregivers

Inclusive Practices for the Workplace

Kansas City, Missouri
Nonprofit Branding and Marketing

Our relationship blossomed from event design needs to full branding and strategic marketing support.

With any nonprofit, cohesive branding is crucial to the bottom line and we take that very seriously in the work we provide and the consistent messaging we share.

We are continually honored to be one of the first phone calls when state-wide processes are made and changed.

Branding and Marketing

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“Fortissima always brings a high level of professional service.

M-C makes the strategizing sessions action-driven and easy – creative in design, knowledgeable in our area of support, excellent in planning and follow-through, and always delivers on-time.”

Cassidi Jobe, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Kansas City Nonprofit Branding and Marketing