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Tera Coughlin Styling

Tera Coughlin’s knack for personal organization, design, and style is impeccable.

Her company, Tera Coughlin Styling, has been empowering women (and men) to redefine how they feel in the clothes they wear.

Classic pieces mixed with modern touches are one of her favorite ways to elevate a wardrobe for anyone and any season.

Personal Stylist

Wardrobe Consultant

Closet Organizer

Kansas City, Missouri
Personal Stylist Brand Strategy

Right from the start we could tell passion was oozing from Tera.

Tera loves styling fashion, but more importantly, she loves bringing a person’s true individuality to the forefront.

From structure pieces in the patterns and fun variations of the logo design to the exciting color palette, we had a lot of fun!

It was an honor to work so intimately and bring her brand to life, just as she does with each unique client.

Branding and Marketing

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity and Logo Suite
Web Design
Social Media Templates
Art Direction
Print Collateral

Personal Stylist Social Media Marketing
Personal Stylist Website and Social Media
Branding and Art Direction Kansas City
Closet Organizer Color Palette

“After working through The DIVA Mindset, I see how everything came to life.

It helped me visualize the hows, whys, why not, goals for both parties, how to build and maintain a relationship, and ultimately gave purpose to every little detail.”

Tera Coughlin, Owner of Tera Coughlin Styling