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Provoking Brands — Transformative Results

Experiential Branding and Marketing

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Fortissima is a strategy-driven branding and marketing firm, where we redefine, reframe, and reimagine brands with The DIVA Mindset.

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We partner with brands who crave deep connections.

The next evolution is here, and we’re ready to unleash your brand, marketing, and campaign. But here’s the deal – it’s all for nothing if it’s not strategized.

First, let’s deconstruct your brand’s mindset.

It’s never about the design, it’s about the connection

What mindset does for Branding and Marketing

When to say No

Branding isn’t just a checklist, it’s about knowing when to say no. Forget what other brand strategists say that growth only comes from doing more. We’re all about transparent advice on when to slam the door and walk away.

Spicing up “it’s not on-brand”

When to be Courageous

Your branding, marketing, and campaigns are worthless unless you dare to make it happen. Our deep, strategic sessions arm your brand with the confidence to take consistent action steps needed to succeed.

Spicing up “go bold or go home”

When to turn Purpose up to a 10

Ever stopped and wondered why you’re doing certain things? ‘Because we’ve always done it that way’ isn’t going to cut it. The key to connecting deeply and simplifying efforts is to infuse purpose into everything.

Spicing up “there’s a reason for everything”

Let’s spice things up and get to work

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A Taste of Fortissima

Founder, Mary-Catherine (M-C), will unveil the transformative power of The DIVA Mindset – a highly-intensive, strategic approach to amplify and intensify the senses of your brand.

You’ll partner with a team of passionate strategists and creatives who aren’t afraid to ask questions or venture down the unbeaten path if it means your brand can strut and show up – bold, confident, and unapologetic.


Feast Your Eyes On

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Creative Campaigns
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Marketing and Communications
Art Direction


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What our clients have to say

We highly recommend Fortissima as a branding specialist, but also a partner to your business to continue to develop and strengthen your reach to your ideal client.

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Spilling the Tea

Take a Look

Brands concentrate way too much on their visual identity and not enough on what it sounds like.

Your brand has a personality of its own. So, own it!

Download the free guide to:

  • define a distinctive brand voice,
  • connect deeper with your people, and
  • uncomplicate the way you deliver your message to the market.

Painless and very effective.

Fortissima brands are disciplined, loud & disruptive when needed, and liberated with conviction.

Multi-Sensory Experiences.
Implementing Passion in the Details.

Accepting Challenges.

Collaborative Partnership.
Frank Conversations, ALWAYS.

You too? Let’s Work.

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