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Quintessential Events is a brand where creative flair meets authenticity!

Founder, Sarah Quinlivan creates event experiences centered around the premise that it’s possible to inject more personality into weddings and events.

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Kansas City, Missouri
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Having worked with Sarah on weddings and corporate events, our relationship was built on a solid, transparent foundation. 

Her contagious personality fueled our creativity in developing a brand identity suite that would speak to the level of service she provides to our clients.

The website and collateral share Sarah’s distinctive point of view, personality, and creative flair.

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“I have worked hand in hand with Fortissima and have come to rely on their team for any and all things marketing related.

Fortissima’s perspective and knowledge are an invaluable resource that elevates our work to the next level.”

Sarah Quinlivan, Owner of Quintessential Events

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